Some young people use alcohol and other stimulants, such as cigarettes or drugs, and it can useful to think about the role these drugs or stimulants play in your life. Some find that reducing use of these makes their mind feel clearer and their body feel healthier, particularly since hangovers or 'come-downs' can worsen symptoms of anxiety or depression.

We understand that, for some, moderate use of alcohol can be fun and help distract from difficult feelings or problems. As with other substances, it can also be addictive, so it’s important to understand your limits and to try to avoid crossing them.

Talk to Frank is a useful site that can help when dealing with peer pressure or if you are worried about a friend.

Visit talktofrank.com for help dealing with peer pressure or if you're worried about a friend.

We Are With You is another useful site that offers information and a chat line for those who need to speak to someone about drugs.

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