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There is a lot of evidence to show that health in childhood contributes to children reaching their full potential in adulthood. To support this we offer a range of interventions for parents that need support from healthy eating and physical activity, self care and hygiene and with helping your child to recognise the impact of gadgets and sleep on their wellbeing.

Holistic support view

We would offer you a holistic health needs assessment about your child that would cover all elements of their life. This is so we can begin to understand where we could focus our support.

We would then offer you up to six sessions that are usually weekly but would be planned to fit the needs of you and your child.

The sessions will be carried out by a qualified nurse and depending on the age of the child the sessions will be split between you and your child. This is so you will be able to support your child between sessions. Each session would last about 30 minutes and be over a virtual platform, either in school or at home.

The sessions could cover subjects such as healthy eating, physical activity, sleep, gadgets and screen time, puberty, self-care and hygiene. You, together with your practitioner, will decide on which sessions are best for your child.

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